The Massage in Schools Programme


What is it?

  • MISP is an inclusive programme for children aged 4 – 12 years old, introduced to the UK in 2001.
  • A fun 15 – 20 minute adult-led peer massage routine.
  • Massage is given and received only by children, to other children, with permission.
  • Massage is given over clothes and only to the back, neck, head, arms and hands.
  • MISP encourages learning through positive touch games and activities and by creating massage stories.

Before a school starts to participate in the Programme, teachers, parents and governors are consulted.

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Proven benefits for children, teachers and their schools:

The MISP helps to create a safe and happy learning environment and can result in a significant reduction in bullying and aggressive type behaviour.

  • Helps develop concentration and memory.
  • Fosters physical development through creative, kinaesthetic motor skills.
  • Encourages respect for others and increases social inclusion and empathy.
  • Enables children to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate touch.
  • Engages with the diverse needs of all pupils.
  • Reduces behavioural difficulties, including hyperactivity and inattention.
  • Enhances a school’s mission statement and ethos.
  • Promotes emotional health as well as improving self esteem and confidence.
  • Helps reduce anxieties, such as pre-SATS.

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How it works:

A trained instructor leads a number of sessions in the classroom over a period of around six weeks, during which the children and their teacher are introduced to a range of techniques. Once they’ve become familiar with the techniques, teachers then lead their own short sessions on a regular basis, and the massage practice becomes an integral part of daily classroom routine. Teachers report significant improvements in both behaviour and concentration amongst their pupils.

Linking to the Curriculum:
Peer massage may be linked to the curriculum, forming part of the personal, social, health and citizenship education at both KS1 and KS2, and may contribute towards achieving Healthy Schools Status for an establishment.

For more information:
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