Staff Wellbeing – Client testimonials

Kempsey Primary School

Obviously this is early days for us and I can't pretend to be an expert but I can already see the benefits of this programme. Our ethos as a school is very much child-centred and I think this programme fits into that perfectly. It is about looking after the child's physical, mental, emotional well being, rather than just cramming them with knowledge. The atmosphere in the classrooms while massage is taking place is wonderful; the children are learning to respect and listen to each other. We've even seen it moving into the playground with children talking to each other about "kind touch". I think it puts children in the right place for learning and I look forward to developing it further in our school.

Bryony Baynes
Kempsey Primary School

St John's Church of England Primary School

The MISP has been well received by students and staff. The training was clear and helpful leading to a successful implementation of the programme. Although it is early days, so far pupils and staff are very positive about the programme and look forward to their special time each day.

Lawrence Gittins
St John's C of E Primary School

Sytchampton Endowed First School

Peer massage was re-introduced to Sytchampton in September 2013. As a new head I was really pleased to hear about the programme, to meet Donna and understand the benefits to children of all ages. The programme is delivered in a calm and professional manner with all the resources provided. We encourage staff to complete the massage after lunch and find that it calms the children and puts them into a positive mindset for learning. The children sit with a partner, follow a powerpoint and quickly learn the massage types and names, e.g. 'the cat' and ' the bear walk'. The programme reinforces our whole school ethos of respect and support for each other.

We also have awards for our best participants at the end of the year!

Charlotte said "It's really relaxing and when I massage my partner my hands feel nice".
Jen said "It makes me happy".

Sharon Williams
Sytchampton Endowed First School

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