Sytchampton Endowed First School

Peer massage was re-introduced to Sytchampton in September 2013. As a new head I was really pleased to hear about the programme, to meet Donna and understand the benefits to children of all ages. The programme is delivered in a calm and professional manner with all the resources provided. We encourage staff to complete the massage after lunch and find that it calms the children and puts them into a positive mindset for learning. The children sit with a partner, follow a powerpoint and quickly learn the massage types and names, e.g. 'the cat' and ' the bear walk'. The programme reinforces our whole school ethos of respect and support for each other.

We also have awards for our best participants at the end of the year!

Charlotte said "It's really relaxing and when I massage my partner my hands feel nice".
Jen said "It makes me happy".

Sharon Williams
Sytchampton Endowed First School

Castlefields Primary School

Children at my school have benefited from Peer Massage in many ways. It is a calming process that helps to prepare children for learning especially after lunch. It teaches children the power of positive touch which is a culture we encourage where children can support each other. Children from Nursery to Year 6 can be found enjoying Peer Massage.

Jackie Hampson
Castlefields Primary School

Kempsey Primary School

Obviously this is early days for us and I can't pretend to be an expert but I can already see the benefits of this programme. Our ethos as a school is very much child-centred and I think this programme fits into that perfectly. It is about looking after the child's physical, mental, emotional well being, rather than just cramming them with knowledge. The atmosphere in the classrooms while massage is taking place is wonderful; the children are learning to respect and listen to each other. We've even seen it moving into the playground with children talking to each other about "kind touch". I think it puts children in the right place for learning and I look forward to developing it further in our school.

Bryony Baynes
Kempsey Primary School

St John's Church of England Primary School

The MISP has been well received by students and staff. The training was clear and helpful leading to a successful implementation of the programme. Although it is early days, so far pupils and staff are very positive about the programme and look forward to their special time each day.

Lawrence Gittins
St John's C of E Primary School

Worcestershire County Council

The Massage in Schools Programme is successful on many levels. It provides a group activity which helps increase social inclusion and provides some support for children with emotional needs, allowing them to more successfully relate to other children and adults. The Programme also provides an important intervention strategy for schools which are struggling to manage the behaviour of some of their pupils.

Tom Rees
Worcestershire County Council

Castlefields Primary School

When I first started as the Head Teacher of my new school I realised there were a lot of issues at lunch time around rough play and lack of respect for each other's feelings and personal space. I decided that the Massage in School Programme, that Donna had delivered in my previous school, was just the thing the children needed.

A few of the parents were a bit sceptical at first but after further information the vast majority came on board with it. The children love to practise their massage techniques and they take these skills home to their families.

The programme has had a calming effect on children’s behaviour and also underpins much of our PSHE curriculum. It also links into our 'Talk for Writing' which is the preamble for children planning and writing good quality stories.

It has been a big success and we are all feeling the benefits both in terms of children's well-being and behaviour management. I would definitely recommend this programme.

Jackie Hampson
Castlefields Primary School

Wilden All Saints Primary School

Hi Donna

The massage went brilliantly. Both staff and children were very enthusiastic.
I know they are all eager to carry it on next year so thank you for introducing it to us as I know the children will get a great deal from it.

Have a good summer!

Joy White
Wilden All Saints Primary School

Welland Primary School

Hello Donna,

The massage is going well, people are still doing it, children are still enjoying it - we are thrilled!
Thank you for your time and continued interest.

Best wishes.

Rachael Huff
Welland Primary School

Sytchampton Endowed First School

Donna Davis originally contacted us in 2008 with regard to introducing Peer massage into our school. Although slightly sceptical at first we were won over by the convincing evidence and research that Donna presented to us and agreed to undertake the training.

The children and staff were completely won over by Donna's friendly, professional and enthusiastic approach, and we were amazed at how quickly the children picked up the techniques. Since then programme has been in place throughout the school and has bought numerous benefits including raising self esteem, promoting teamwork and an aura of calm in the classrooms - the children look forward to the sessions and always remind us if we forget!

We have been so impressed with the process that we have also introduced for staff and the 'de-stress' sessions are avidly anticipated by the staff who participate. We would thoroughly recommend the scheme to anyone who wishes to add an extra dimension to the pastoral care within their school - it really does work!

Mrs I Fox
Sytchampton Endowed First School

Hawthorn Primary School – What the Children Said

CW (9) - I like peer massage a lot as it is relaxing and it helps me to concentrate. Other schools should do PM as when children are over excited it can help them to calm down a bit.

DJ (9) - I think that PM helps to calm children down when they are feeling angry. When I am in a bad mood it helps me to work better after dinner time. My Mum thinks that PM is excellent for everyone.

CG (8) - It helps me to get on with my work better. I can concentrate. I think that other schools should do it as it will help them the same way as us.

JB (9) - It feels so relaxing. If you are upset because something bad happened at dinner time then it's great for me.
Sometimes I do peer massage at home with my brother and my two sisters. I teach them the different massages and they love it too.

EM (5) - Peer massage is relaxing! I like giving a massage to my friend but I also like somebody massaging me. My class does peer massage every day during the register or just after it. Sometimes I massage my Dad and he feels calmer.

DJ (5) - I like peer massage especially when people massage me. It makes me feel calm and peaceful. My best one is the one called eye glasses.

Various Pupils
Hawthorn Primary School, Kingstanding

Hawthorn Primary School

Donna Davis has worked with the children and the Staff at our school since July 2008. She has introduced and implemented a most successful and rewarding programme of Peer Massage within every class group. As well as this excellent provision, Donna and her team have provided massages for members of Staff in school at carefully planned times in the school terms. The whole school community, children, staff and parents have in a relatively short time recognised the true worth of the impact that Donna has made and many benefits can be evidently seen. Many of our children, all of whom live within an urban area of social and economic deprivation are seen to be being helped in the way they react more positively with other around them. For those children that have emotional and behavioural difficulties, Peer Massage has aided their ability to maintain a calmer and happier attitude which is more likely to lead to greater learning in the classroom.

The children have responded so well to Donna’s sharing of Peer Massage techniques and the sessions that took place in the Autumn term were a joy to witness. Donna’s calm, friendly and child friendly approach ensured that all children, whether 4 or 11 years of age were able to understand and appreciate the many benefits that Peer Massage could bring. Crucially, Donna is an excellent communicator. She spoke to parents and carers at the beginning of the project, making sure that any questions were answered and possible worries about any aspects dealt with fully.

Staff members who have had massage from Donna are fully hooked! They talk as one about how relaxing and revitalising they feel after a short session.

  • We are delighted with all the work that Donna has done and look forward to a long and continued link with the programme that she has coordinated so well for our school community. Thank you. PB
  • I find the massages provided by Donna very beneficial. It’s nice to have a bit of personal time which is also relaxing. RC
  • Peer massage works really well with the majority of the children in my class. It’s brilliant to see how it helps to calm the children down. VG
  • Donna is a very calming person. She helps to bring peace to the chaos of the working school! MR
  • Peer massage is a calming and most effective way of helping children in my class. They feel that it is a valuable tool in their learning. AT
  • Massage is a great enabler. Two children that I work with who have special needs (A.S.D. and specific behavioural challenges) respond very positively to massage. It has an immediate calming effect on their anger. BS

Kingstanding, Birmingham
20th January 2009

Hawthorn Primary School

Dines Green Community Primary School & Nursery

May I say that we found Donna extremely professional and skilful in their practices. They were also very aware of any particular needs that we, as clients, required. The day was very well organised and well scheduled. I would certainly recommend this company to any organisation looking to improve the wellbeing of their staff.

Ms. A. Clay
Dines Green Community Primary School & Nursery

Dines Green Community Primary School & Nursery

Dear Donna

On behalf of all the staff at Dines Green, I would like to say a big 'THANK YOU' for helping us to introduce the 'peer massage' scheme into our school.

Peer massage takes place regularly in all of our classes across the school and is thoroughly enjoyed by the children. It has become very much a part of out whole school ethos and is helping us to promote the calm, tranquil atmosphere that we want across the school. This in turn has also helped with promoting good behaviour and 'making the right choices', something that is so important in a school that is as challenging as ours.

The children respond well during each session and the use of the Interactive Whiteboard to support with graphics and music has allowed many of the classes to become self-organising. It is a lovely to watch the children supporting each other with kind touch and kind words and the conversation that comes from the sessions can often be quite enlightening.

Some of the children have even taken the 'peer massage' message home and so their parents are now benefiting from the 'soothing touch' of their child's hands. Some of the mums have told me that they really do find the whole experience quite rewarding.

All of the staff are also really pleased with the 'Staff Well Being' opportunities that we now have in school. This I believe will pay dividends both with the uplifting of staff morale and their general health.

Thank you.

S C Gough
Dines Green Community Primary School & Nursery

Dines Green Community Primary School & Nursery

I would highly recommend Go Wellbeing to other schools. They are well organised and adhered to their busy schedule making it easy to release staff at a given time. Their manner was extremely professional and they demonstrated the ability to reassure and to put people at ease.

Steve Gough
Dines Green Community Primary School & Nursery

Blakedown C of E Primary School

Donna introduced the MISP to year 6 initially, as a pre-sats relaxation exercise. Some children were apprehensive to begin with, but this vanished as soon as they had realised what it entailed, rather than what they thought it entailed. The sessions visibly relaxed the children, enabling them to approach their tests with a clearer mind. Both parents and children gave very positive feedback after Donna's sessions. The MISP was rolled out throughout the school, from R to Year 6. The children are noticeably calmer during their massage sessions and it creates a good working atmosphere.

June 2009

Joel Marshall
Blakedown C of E Primary School

Franche Community Primary School

Donna Davis has worked closely with the school for the past two years, implementing and supporting the 'Massage in Schools Programme'. Donna had provided staff and children with a high and continued level of professional development which has included devising massage story routines to support curriculum work from nursery through to Year 6.

Donna worked with parents to resolve any questions they had about the Programme and had always made time to help school with any queries that have arisen. Donna has always been professional and supportive and the impact her training has had on our learners has been excellent.

I would highly recommend the Massage In Schools Programme and Donna provides a fabulously supportive training opportunity to all involved. The children loved her, nicknaming her 'Mrs Massage' and her passion and enthusiasm for this Programme has been passed on to them. I look forward to continuing to work with Donna in the future.

Tabatha Smith
Franche Community Primary School

Gorse Hill Community Primary School

Gorse Hill Community Primary School, Worcester launched the Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) in September 2011, with the aim of reducing pupil stress, encouraging gentle friendly touch and hopefully providing the children with a self-help tool for calming down, reducing anger and subsequently improving behaviour.

Mrs Donna Davis, an experienced Massage In Schools Instructor, initially visited the school to deliver a short, engaging and practical staff training session where she gave a quick outline of the programme, including its benefits, the theory behind the practice and then modelled the basic techniques allowing staff time to familiarise themselves with the techniques and the classroom logistics of delivering the programme.

Following the staff INSET, Donna supported the school in writing to all the parents explaining the MISP and its many benefits. She then held an informal meeting to demonstrate the techniques to any parents and to address any concerns or queries they may have about the school adopting the programme.

Donna then delivered a differentiated training programme to every class within the school, building up their skills over 6 weeks, until eventually every child could complete the routine to music without any prompting or adult guidance. The children thoroughly loved the training plan and teachers followed each session up with a daily routine following the excellent, clear and simple resources provided.

Every class now has massage timetabled into their day and the benefits are clear for all to see. The programme is self-sufficient and continues to support the children against meeting the initial aims. Teachers are also using the 'massage story' technique to develop children's oral storytelling, help support social stories for SEN/EBD pupils and linking them to the current topic/curriculum theme.

Sept-Nov 2009 - 34 yellow slips detention, 5 fixed term exclusions
Sept-Nov 2010 - 47 yellow slips detention, 12 fixed term exclusions
Sept-Nov 2011 - 19 yellow slips detentions, 2 fixed term exclusions

Measured against Boxall Profile
Improvements in strand 5 - makes and accepts normal physical contact with others.
Improvements in strand 11 - accommodates other children when they show friendly and constructive interest in joining in with others.
Improvements in strand 30 - engages in conversations/activity with another child willingly.

January 2012

Robert Harrison
Gorse Hill Community Primary School

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