Corporate Services

In today’s workplace, it is common for people to sit in the same position for long periods of time, which can have negative physical effects leading to negative effects on their motivation and productivity. Our therapists use a mix of different massage techniques without the use of oils or creams, concentrating solely on the key stress […]

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IMPACT Wellbeing

IMPACT Wellbeing Programme is a range of simple, adaptable and effective relaxation techniques to improve wellbeing in the workplace and the home.  The programme is taught by an instructor who works with groups or individuals.  IMPACT Wellbeing Programme has a common core of knowledge and skills.  The delivery of the programme is adapted […]

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Massage in Schools

This fun and easy-to-learn programme is aimed at children between four and 12 years old, and its benefits are significant and wide ranging. Children are given the skills to deliver simple massage techniques to each other during regular, short, structured sessions in the classroom. It develops their self respect and respect for each other […]

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