Sit Forward and Relax: A hands on approach to reduce the impact of life and work pressure

December 10, 2012 - by Donna - in Go Wellbeing News

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Modern life is stressful. Pressures at work combined with busy lives outside the workplace, are cited as the main causes of stress, which, if not addressed, can affect both a person’s mental and physical well being.

Stress is the second most commonly reported work related illness, believed to trigger 70% of all visits to a doctor. British businesses lose an estimated £13 billion each year as a result of illness due to stress.

Dame Carol Black’s 2008 report, ‘Working for a healthier tomorrow’, called for urgent and comprehensive reform and a new approach to health and work in Britain. The report recognized great progress had been made in improving health and safety but a new approach to well-being at work was needed.

Forward thinking organizations are now realizing the cost effectiveness of providing this type of preventative healthcare. When offered at work staff feel more valued, especially if the service is subsidized by the employer or provided free-of-charge as part of a package of staff benefits.

Go Wellbeing is a Worcestershire based business which helps employers promote a more positive working environment. Using a therapeutic technique developed by David Palmer for Apple Computer employees in 1984, Go Wellbeing offers staff the opportunity to experience seated acupressure-based massage – in the workplace.

The on-site, upper body massage service is a noninvasive treatment, using a special ergonomically designed chair. The client remains fully clothed and the therapist listens to the needs of each individual, to ensure the recipient gains the maximum benefit from the treatment.

Requiring only the chair, a room and the therapist, the service is infinitely mobile. The cost is less than typically paid for a salon based table massage and requires only a short time commitment. The massage can last for as little as ten minutes to thirty minute sessions.

“This service helps reduce aches and pains, anxiety and tiredness, leaving staff feeling more motivated, confident and productive,” says Donna Davis, founder of Go Wellbeing. “This can help reduce absenteeism and may form part of a staff welfare programme”

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