Wellbeing is our business

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, professional and friendly training courses for adults working in the education sector.

IMPACT Wellbeing Programme brings wellbeing to the workplace.

Based on an ethos of respect and choice, it delivers a range of relaxation techniques that are simple, adaptable and effective.
There is something for everyone.

Most people find some aspects of their lives stressful. While some stress helps people to perform well, too much can have an adverse effect on health. This affects not only work but also other aspects of their lives, often leading to poor attendance and difficulties with personal relationships.

The relaxation techniques of the IMPACT Wellbeing Programme contribute to an improvement in physical, mental and emotional health and lead to improved social relationships.

Instructor’s training equips adults with the knowledge and skills to teach IMPACT Wellbeing Programme relaxation techniques to young people in high schools, colleges and other organisations as well as to adults of all ages in their place of work or the home, resulting in lower levels of stress. Participants develop skills for life.

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