Health & Wellbeing Days

A chance to step back from the stresses and strains of the classroom to look at protecting health and well-being in a series of stimulating and challenging interactive workshops.

  • A wide range of possible subjects including relaxation, emotional wellbeing, posture, complementary therapies, nutrition and diet, communication skills and healthy lifestyles.
  • Each day is tailor-made to fit your school’s needs and budget.
  • Provides a clear signal of your commitment to staff wellbeing, and the chance to show the high value you place on health and morale.
  • On-site massage facilities can be incorporated into the day if required.

To talk more about how we could help you and your staff to maximise their health and wellbeing, please contact us and take care of your school by taking care of your staff. Regular on-site massage can boost energy levels, improve morale and potentially reduce staff turnover and absenteeism.


Make an appointment and we’ll contact you.